4. Brian Jones (Bassist, Producer, Artist, Matt Lauer’s Last Victim)

If Gallup were to measure Brian Jones’s approval rating, it would be record-breaking. Everybody loves Brian because he is hardworking, talented, funny, and politer than 99% of 24-year-old guys you will meet. He plays bass for Gwen Stefani and Muna, produces for many artists (including my bff Ren Farren), and makes up one half of the band Human Natural.

In this episode, we rant about the virtues of Kimbra for possibly a little too long, I grill Brian to recall the “best memory of his entire life”, and we dig into Brian’s Today Show interaction with Matt Lauer just days before we all learned about Matt’s sex offender desk button. Brian has so much to say about creativity, work, and how the two intersect, and he is certifiably not-braindead. Hope you enjoy! You can follow him at @brianrobertjones (Instagram)/@brianrobertjone (Twitter). You can find me at @raddiemoss (Instagram)/@maddieross17 (Twitter). Thank you for listening! -Maddie / Full episodes at www.maddieross.com/podcast