5. Kathryn Gallagher (Broadway & TV actress, Singer/Songwriter, My Little)

While Kathryn Gallagher is a successful broadway actress (Spring Awakening), future TV star (You on Lifetime),  and singer/songwriter, perhaps her most important role has been being my "little" in Theta, the sorority that we both dropped out of in college.

This is truly a special episode that reminds me of why I immediately fell in love with Kathryn 5 years ago. We talk body positivity, the intersection of creativity & hard work, and how to filter out negativity. We talk "craft" and "craft services", and even diagnose Kathryn with asthma. Seriously, if you want to be entertained and inspired, this episode is for you.

Kathryn also makes a big announcement- I don't want to spoil it, but it rhymes with Shmalannis and I'm going to give it all my money and be front & center on opening night. 

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