3. Taylor Griffin, Press Secretary for Nancy Pelosi & Former High School A Capella Co-President

Taylor has accomplished many great things in lifetime, from being one of three co-presidents of our high school a capella group (no small feat in a class with 40 girls), to being the first black woman and one of the youngest staffers to hold the position of Press Secretary for a Democratic House leader by the age of 25. She is known for her energy and laughter, her smarts, her good looks, and for being featured in Time magazine while protesting in Ferguson, MO. Turns out she is also the enemy of a few right-wing extremist groups (more on that in this episode).

In this conversation, Taylor describes what her job is like, the responsibilities of being a spokesperson for one of the most powerful people in the country, what drives her to do the work, and what brand of chocolate Nancy gave her for Christmas.