2. Lauren Ruth Ward (Singer, Artist, Hairdresser, Aunt, Not Your Honey)

GUYS. Lauren Ruth Ward is one of the most mesmerizing performers I've ever seen, and she is warm and lovely and invited me into her home for tea, dog snuggles and a podcast. I've gotten to know her a little bit over the course of the year since we played a show together in Nov. 2016, and I've watched her slowly but steadily take over the Los Angeles music scene. In the past I've chatted with her about music but mostly just bombarded her with requests to see pictures of her adorable niece. One of the cool things about doing a podcast is that it lets you talk to your friends in a different way than you normally would, and Lauren is somebody who is worth getting to know. 

In this podcast, we talk about moving from Baltimore to LA, transitioning from a singer/songwriter to fronting a band, why competition between artists/particularly females is a myth, what to say when people write you off ("what do you want me to feel when you say that to me" is my new forever go-to, thanks Lauren!). I loved getting to learn a bit more about how this Scorpio's brain works- did you know she is one of those people who remembers the date of every significant interaction she has. Maybe I'm braindead? How do people do that? I can't even remember my dog's birthday. 

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