1. Annie Krabbenschmidt (Love Is A Softball Field Crossover Episode!)

Annie is a single female living in Durham, NC. She is currently spending her 24th year of life getting her Master's degree in Public Policy at Duke and dominating the local queer Tinder scene. She's my best friend from high school, the co-host of my other podcast "Love Is A Softball Field", and a talented comedian and writer.

I promised I wouldn't call this episode "Annie Is So Brave", although pretty early on in the episode she admits to having been on the receiving end of the world's most backhanded compliment more than once. We talk about what it's like for Annie to be pursuing her degree while also searching for creative outlets and submitting her writing to various publications. Anyone who is creative understands the mountain of despair that must be climbed to continue on in the face of rejection, and Annie lets us in on her process with humor and grace. I love her and learn so much from her every time we speak, so I hope you do too! Damn, it really sucks having to write my own podcast description (if you want to see some of her more skillfully crafted episode summaries, feel free to check out our Love Is A Softball Field podcast anywhere podcasts are available). Follow Annie at @krabbypatty415 (Instagram)/@krabbypatty93 (Twitter). You can find me at @raddiemoss (Instagram)/@maddieross17 (Twitter). Thanks so much for listening. Love you all! -Maddie