Touch Hands, Touch Bodies

Artist: Maddie Ross

Produced by Wolfy (Madison Scheckel), co-written by Maddie Ross and Wolfy

THTB Cover Art 1.jpg
photo by Didi Beck

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Four and a half years ago, I fell in love with my best friend. It was completely unexpected- especially because I had no idea that I was gay. It was simultaneously the most amazing and the scariest, darkest time in my life. Pride is so significant because for a lot of us in the LGBTQIA+ community, we've spent so much time being scared of/ashamed of who we are. Now I am able to look back on what is a seriously fucking adorable love story, and write about it from a place of light instead of darkness. I never saw anybody like me portrayed as lesbian, and I never saw lesbians portrayed as anything other than dark, mysterious, and othered. This EP contains all of the happy memories that I never wrote about. I wanted to write sweet, fun, happy songs about having a crush on my best friend, daydreaming about getting her into my bed, sneaking off behind the bleachers, kissing in her attic, and how after all this time, everybody else is braindead and she's still my sugar. It's an added bonus that she's the best producer & songwriter in the world and we got to make this EP together :)

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