Cause I'm dumb and I care and I like it when you stare / will you be wife?

about the song: this song comes from that self-loathing "why would you ever date me" place, and also that grumpy 4.5-years-into-a-relationship-pissy "why did I ever date you" place. I just thought it was fun to tell a story of two people who are not very likable, and to express things about myself that are difficult and unflattering. But by the end of the song, the couple is redeemed and you can see how perfect they are for each other, and how they bring out the best in the other. 

sounds like: All American Rejects, 5SOS, The Ting Tings, all your punk rock princess dreams coming true

fun fact: I wrote this song after watching the movie "Band Aid" with Zoe Lister-Jone & Adam Pally. I feel so inspired by movies that portray that initial passion it takes when you first start a band. I was super interested in the scene where they have a fight while writing lyrics to a song. It just got mind going, and I was thinking about things about me that annoy my girlfriend, and vice versa. I sat down with my guitar and made a cool demo pretty much immediately after watching it!

I like the way this song falls in the middle of the EP, because the first few songs are about the experience of falling in love, wrestling with my identity, and finding happiness. This song shows how much work love can take, and makes you wonder if these people will last. It nicely sets us up for the EP closer, "You're Still My Sugar". 

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