maddie is an LA-based artist who loves grungy guitars, moscow mules and starting bands with her friends. california native, LA-based, went to USC pop music school, makes youtube videos, teaches SAT math & grammar. all music written/produced by Maddie, Wolfy, and their dog Zeus.

email: wolfy@sentimentalrecords.com

About the song:

I wrote Make Me a Safe Place on a super hot, shitty LA October day in my non-airconditioned bedroom. Maybe it was the sweat and dehydration but the demo was really sexual and painful and dark. It's a song about enjoying sex and feeling comfortable enough with a partner to let go of all of your pain and hangups, which is a very vulnerable topic for me. It was such a rare performance that we chose to use that demo as the first verse/chorus of the final recording. Then my amazing producer Wolfy (aka Madison Scheckel) helped build the huge, fun, full-band performance.

Fun fact: I play drums on this song! Scott Heiner is responsible for most of the drumming/percussion magic, but we wanted the bridge to sound like a sloppy garage band, so I hopped on the kit. It was the most fun I've ever had in the studio.

Sounds like: Courtney Barnett, Liz Phair, Katy Perry

Fave lyric: want me, leave me, screw me, keep me!

Photos by Kerry Furrh: