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Liv Tyler herself is shaking.
— Carson Minarik, MTV, 6/14/19

Ross’ debut is a ten-track joyride through the pop-rock touchstones of early aughts
—, 6/3/19

I had so much trouble accepting that I was a lesbian because I didn’t grow up seeing someone like me.
— Teen Vogue, MAY 10, 2019

If the L.A. pop-rocker’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ reminds you of the ‘Mean Girls’ soundtrack, well, that was the plan
—, 5/15/2019

With radio-ready production values that mirror bubblegum pop rock, “Liv Tyler” does the titular actress—not to mention her Empire Records character, Corey Mason—proud.
— FLOOD Magazine, 5/3/2019

—, 5/3/2019

Maddie Ross just gets it.
— Affinity Magazine, 4/3/2019

Ross’ five-song, self-released EP of DIY bubblegum rocks like it was assembled, bit-by-bit, in a writing room of all your alt-pop faves.
—, 12/20/2018

Park West was already impressively full by the time they took to the stage and their set certainly grabbed everyone’s attention and got the night started on the right note. If you are heading along to see this tour, make sure you get yourself along early to catch these two perform.
— Loud Hailer Magazine, 11/4/18

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.18.52 AM.jpg
I normally don’t post openers, but Maddie Ross was a total bad-ass when she opened for @kttunstall at @thecrocodileseattle.
—, 10/15/18

Ross gave a charismatic, excited performance. Her breathy talk-singing, cheeky lyrics, and abundant cussing fit right into the local Seattle sound.
— The Seattle Spectator, 10/24/18

Maddie Ross‘ sophomore EP, “Touch Hands, Touch Bodies”, is a nuanced journey through the complexities and revelations that come with realising that not only are you gay, but that you’re in love with your best friend.
— Rachael Scarsbrook, HighClouds, 10/24/18

— Chris Payne,, 10/12/18

— Chris Payne,, 10/12/18

A true standout is the punky, high-speed “Physical”, with its awesomely fuzzed out guitars and massive, hook-laden choruses.
— Ken Scrudato, Blackbook

Ross spoke to Billboard about her childhood obsession with P!nk, wanting to take care of her young, fledgling fanbase, and how her actual hometown shaped her queer identity.
— Joshua Bote

TIDAL Pride Month Official Curated Playlist:

"Music has helped me come out to my family and friends, tell my own story, and it has given me a community that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Singer/songwriter Maddie Ross is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with a sugary voice and a sweeter sense of melody, her songs thus far have guised themselves as pure pop before busting out guitars as the track goes on. With “Loners,” Ross changes her tune to something far more infectious, ditching the rock-vibe for a Kesha-Meets-Carly Rae Jepsen hybrid—something you never knew you needed ’til now. - Joe D'Andria, Idobi Radio, 1/26/18

"A much-needed shot in the arm when it comes to singer-songwriters writing big, poppy choruses... No wasted notes, just brilliant." - Eric Alper, 1/27/18's #9 Best Rock Song of 2017:

"The last year saw the Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack become an increasingly popular touchstone for garage-punk bands, but this L.A. power-popper’s standout single was the biggest flex of all." -CHRIS PAYNE,, 12/20/17

Billboard's 50 Best Songs of 2017 So Far

#48 - Maddie Ross, You're Still My Sugar

This is an entire pack of Starbursts in one three-and-a-half-minute explosion of a love song; impossible, multi-colored pop/rock sweetness with no shortage of lemony kick. The confection tastes so perfect that by the time you even notice how fundamentally weird the thing is -- the slapsticky sound effects, the soaring chorus ("Everybody's so fake/ Saw you at daybreak/ In love by morning") that never repeats, a whole lot of unexplained fish imagery -- you're already halfway to diabetic. -- ANDREW UNTERBERGER,, 6/5/17

The 24-year old’s most recent single is one of the best rock songs released this year, never mind that approximately no one has heard it yet. The bubblegum bulldozer “You’re Still My Sugar” is the product of a D.I.Y. master plan including her own label, a production partner, and a fresh USC diploma with “Popular Music Program” on it.

"Capturing the nuances and pure emotions of raw romance is a very tricky thing to distill down to a three minute song, but Ross does so with unmatched ease and joy. Everyone knows what it is like to find that one person who doesn't suck quite as much as the rest, but few can express it with quite as much skill as Ross." - William Tomer, The405, 3/2/17

Baby Doll” poses Maddie Ross as a Harley Quinn of sorts. She’s cute, talking about her french braids, and then the tiger comes out.
— Surviving the Golden Age

“Making out is easy” is one of the best lyrics from Maddie Ross’ new track ‘Cruel Is The Love,’ and it also happens to be the name of her upcoming EP. And, if the first two tracks released from the EP are any indication, it could be one of the year’s best under-the-radar releases.
— The 405, 9-9-16

This little punk-pop gem sounds blissful and like ear candy at first. But as it progresses and as you listen more carefully to the lyrics, there is a cantankerous bite in the song and Ross’ delivery.
— The Revue, 9/10/16

Ross returns with her brand new single called “Make Me A Safe Place”, which starts off as an angsty lo-fi number before erupting at the one minute mark into a full-fledged guitar-driven alt-pop anthem, complete with fierce vocals and infectious hooks.
— Wonky Sensitive, 8-9-16

Sounding more early 90s than ever, hints of The Breeders come through as the gorging grunge-pop song comes to a close... Ross writes songs full of bittersweet tales, brilliant lyricism and brutal honesty.
— Too Many Blogs UK, 9-8-16