Maddie Ross is the Best DIY Rockstar You’ve Never Heard Of


25, LA, queer, cries at all commercials & most good music, WILL ask to hold your baby. Talks a lot, can't tell a story without using her hands, believes in making shit yourself, having your friends' backs and standing up for your beliefs (unless you're a nazi sit down please).


LA-based Indie Rocker Maddie Ross was once described by The 405 as an "Alt-Pop Dream Queen". Ross writes pop-punky love songs and guitar-driven anthems about her producer, co-writer and longtime girlfriend Wolfy. In early 2017, Maddie came to the attention of Billboard Rock writer Chris Payne, who named her “The Best DIY Rock Star You’ve Never Heard Of”. Her single “You’re Still my Sugar” went on to be named the “#9 Best Rock Song of 2017” by 

Maddie Ross’s new EP, “Touch Hands, Touch Bodies” will be released on October 12 via AWAL in partnership with independent label Sentimental Records, which Ross co-founded and runs together with Wolfy. Ross has come into her own in this EP that touts love anthems, pride, and humor.

Ross will tour in support of the Touch Hands, Touch Bodies EP beginning October 16, supporting KT Tunstall. Tunstall came across Ross’s music during a Twitter exchange, and immediately reached out via direct message to invite her on the 22-city North American tour.