quick bio: maddie is an LA-based artist who loves grungy guitars, moscow mules and starting bands with her friends. california native, LA-based, went to USC pop music school, makes youtube videos, teaches SAT math & grammar. all music written/produced by Maddie, Wolfy, and their dog Zeus.

About the song: I've been dating my gf/producer for 3 years (as of next week!). We're both super opinionated and strong-willed, so when we argue it can be fierce. But we have a rule that if we are in an argument we always have to say sorry before we go to bed. This song is just a really playful tale about kissing and making up! The chorus lyrics, "Cruel is the love who never says sorry", have been used against me a few times since I wrote it... 

'Cruel Is the Love' is the second track off of Maddie's sophomore EP, Making Out Is Easy.

Fun fact: we played this toy instrument called a boomwhacker on this song for some extra percussion (it's like a plastic tube), and the perfect tone was the sound it made when banging it against my head. so I lost more than a few brain cells that day

Sounds like: Rilo Kiley, Katy Perry, vintage Tegan & Sara

Favorite line: I could die of loneliness one breath at a time / but there you are in front of me with hearts in your eyes

all photos by Jayme Dee