#48 - Maddie Ross, You're Still My Sugar

This is an entire pack of Starbursts in one three-and-a-half-minute explosion of a love song; impossible, multi-colored pop/rock sweetness with no shortage of lemony kick. The confection tastes so perfect that by the time you even notice how fundamentally weird the thing is -- the slapsticky sound effects, the soaring chorus ("Everybody's so fake/ Saw you at daybreak/ In love by morning") that never repeats, a whole lot of unexplained fish imagery -- you're already halfway to diabetic. -- ANDREW UNTERBERGER, Billboard.com

The 24-year old’s most recent single is one of the best rock songs released this year, never mind that approximately no one has heard it yet. The bubblegum bulldozer “You’re Still My Sugar” is the product of a D.I.Y. master plan including her own label, a production partner, and a fresh USC diploma with “Popular Music Program” on it.
— Billboard.com
Baby Doll” poses Maddie Ross as a Harley Quinn of sorts. She’s cute, talking about her french braids, and then the tiger comes out.
— Surviving the Golden Age
Ross returns with her brand new single called “Make Me A Safe Place”, which starts off as an angsty lo-fi number before erupting at the one minute mark into a full-fledged guitar-driven alt-pop anthem, complete with fierce vocals and infectious hooks.
— Wonky Sensitive, 8-9-16
“Making out is easy” is one of the best lyrics from Maddie Ross’ new track ‘Cruel Is The Love,’ and it also happens to be the name of her upcoming EP. And, if the first two tracks released from the EP are any indication, it could be one of the year’s best under-the-radar releases.
— The 405, 9-9-16

Sounding more early 90s than ever, hints of The Breeders come through as the gorging grunge-pop song comes to a close... Ross writes songs full of bittersweet tales, brilliant lyricism and brutal honesty.
— Too Many Blogs UK, 9-8-16