"nice girls love kissing the loners"

 sounds like:

that early 2000s song you couldn't stop playing on your first generation ipod

weezer and gwen stefani falling in love in the suburbs

spring break on your sunny college campus

fun fact:

the video features photos that our now-friend Didi took of us at a party years before we met her and before we were a couple

about the song: 

It's been 4.5 years since I first came out (to myself and to the world). At first all I could write about was the anxiety and fear that consumed me. I was working through so many difficult feelings that I didn't spend any time expressing the life-changing happiness I felt. A few months ago, my girlfriend Wolfy (Madison Scheckel) showed me this track she had been working on. The guitar part immediately flooded me with nostalgia for senior year at USC: making out on the attic floor, sneaking kisses behind the bookstacks (a traditional USC bucketlist item), hiding it from our friends but also not being able to hide it at all. I knew the minute I heard it that I wanted to write a full-on love song to enshrine all of the happy memories I never wrote about.

In terms of a bigger message: I never had any personal heroes or positive representations of girls falling in love to look up to as a kid. I want to create media that doesn't just portray it as okay- I want everyone to know how goddamn fucking cute it is to see two young girls falling in love. It's romantic, exciting, and sweet.

about the video:

This song is so intensely nostalgic and specific for me that it felt necessary to present it with the right visuals. Didi Beck is a creative genius who draws, paints, takes photographs, and talks to duppies (Patois for "ghosts").  She did the artwork for my last single. We became friends after graduating from USC, but had met a few times in college. I showed her "Loners" hoping she might want to collaborate on it, and of course she had an entire trove of old photos from USC, including some pictures of me and my girlfriend at a party sophomore year. We jumped right into the visual project, gathering old photos/videos, as well as taking more footage at USC where the story takes place. I'm honored that she put so much time and care into getting it right, and I can't wait to share her brilliance with the world.

more press photos available on the photos tab (www.maddieross.com/photos)

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Photos by Kerry Furrh



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