Cause I was kissing girls in my hometown trying to change

about the song: Hometown is basically a pep talk I wrote for my younger self. It's about not letting all the feelings tied to your hometown + upbringing stop you from being with the person you love. It's about trusting the ones who are there when you call in the night over the ones who only see one side of you. It's about shedding your own fears, and finding the confidence to be the person you are when the lights go down.

sounds like: cheering on your best friend during the biggest game of the season against the rival high school

fun fact: when Madison showed me this track that she made, I immediately pictured a high school football field under the lights at night. That set the mood for the whole song, and got me thinking about high school parties, friends, and family from my hometown. The rest of the words just poured out from there.

MUSIC VIDEO COMING SOON. Private link to rough cut HERE

I am not afraid of the hometown crowd

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Hometown is a single from the Split EP I released with my pal Blushh. We each wrote one original and recorded one cover. You can listen to the whole ep here:

1. Pink Shirt! by Blushh 2. Hometown by Maddie Ross 3. In Too Deep by Blushh 4. Scotty Doesn't Know by Maddie Ross